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Astral Zone
By Channel 8
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #2

Astral Zone

Not too much fun here: Astral Zone is another space-ship zapping game described as 'arcade' and '3D', but the graphics are really plain (despite use of sprites) and pretty boring. It is difficult to play but not by degrees. So you'll need a great deal of patience if you've not ht anything by the time Coronation Street comes on.

You're equipped with two neutronium cannons with which to destroy funny shapes that are supposed to look like fighters and cruisers. The usual alien photons appear occasionally to do you some damage.

Using the joystick, you can scroll in any direction. But you can't go very far up or down, and the terrain looks the same wherever you are - so what's the point? Another gripe is that the blurb doesn't explain the game too well - or perhaps there isn't really much there. At least the sound effects are reasonable enough.