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Android II
By Vortex
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #11

Android II

Not a bit like Android I, is this. For a start, it's all in newfangled 3D-type graphics and requires more brain than the last one because it's all taking place in a maze. Amazing. You control a despondent frogman-type android and you have to pursue centipede lookalikes through a maze (map provided on request by belting 'M' key.)

To make it that little bit more difficult, you can only shoot its head. Humane but tricky, as contact with the head is fatal. Someone has been hard at work littering the maze with anti-android mines, and I thought I had enough trouble with the pain in the diodes all down my left side. Here I am, brain the size of a planet.

Sometimes the mines get hidden by the 3D scenery, centipedes etc. so there is a mine detector which squeaks and flashes if you are about to step in something unsavoury. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, just in case you didn't think things were hard enough, the place is patrolled by sliding red things which look a little bit like daleks and a lot more like animated pillar boxes.

Moving your frogman (sorry, android) is quite tricky at first as he zips about at quite a clip especially when there is a mine or something else deadly straight ahead. The graphics are in mode 1, not particularly exciting but you do get the chance to change them in the main menu so if you get sick of plain green everyday privet hedges you change to a more trendy red leaved privet hedge.

This program could be addictive to the right person (i.e. the Editor, who hates centipedes) but I found it unplayable at times and tended to rate slightly lower than the cat on the high score table. After much practice, however, I did eventually manage to beat the cat.

Editor's note: Even I didn't manage to beat the five Militoids (centipedes to you) and make it back to the space capsule before it left but I did get totally hooked, this nearly made Game of the Month but was beaten into second place by an Exploding Fist