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Alien Rescue
By DK Tronics
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Alien Rescue

Now here's a funny thing: the illustration on the cassette liner card portrays exactly and fully what actually happens. Amazing!

You are required to ferry your fleet's survival rafts fleeing from their latest rout, taking them from the enemy planet back to the chunky multi-colour mothership while studiously avoiding collisions with yet more capsules still falling from the sky. You are also cordially invited to exchange fire (with a very mobile cannon) provided you are not currently carrying cargo. Naturally the preceeding space battle was of mega proportions so you are consequently shouldered with an unremitting and interminable rescue mission...

Not a complicated, convoluted video experience; merely a simple well-worn formula adequately implemented, allowing nine levels of difficulty. Run-of-the-mill background sonics with a blip for a successful grab. Extremely unlikely to hold you spellbound: but if you fancy something straightforward for a change, check out the insert.