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Amstrad Computer User

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #10


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a helicopter through the caves at Wookey Hole? Daft question really, but this is the general idea of Airwolf.

You are in a chopper with an unlimited supply of guns and bombs but a limited supply of rotor blades. When you have smashed up all your magical, self-replacing rotor blades you come to grief and the game starts afresh. This is not much of a problem as the game only has one difficulty level. The basic rules of the game are: don't touch it: if it's blue, shoot it. if it isn't blue, shoot it anyway. Get the picture?

I do not wish to hound this game but it is horrendously difficult to play and to get beyond the second barrier I had to delve into the black art of machine code and find the infinite life poke. Touching anything takes off one of your rotors whether you hit it top or bottom. There are also other bits of scenery, such as radar scanners, that swipe all your lives if you hit them. Maybe it is my imagination, but you seem to stick to the roof fora disparingly long time and lose an awful lot of rotors in the process.

You take this game a screen at a time. By this I mean that as you leave each screen the complete new screen scrolls on.

One annoying point, after you have spent a few minutes happily blasting a way through a barrier and move to the next screen, you get a surprise when you move back. In your absence, some clever soul has rebuilt the wall. This means that you cannot rush through all the tricky bits and then come back for the very tricky ones.

To sum this game up, it is difficult in the extreme and is not fantastically innovative.