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Aaargh! Condor
By Games Machine
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #9

Aaargh! Condor

The scene presented in this graphical game is that of a mountain landscape with a damsel laying helpless, having fallen down the mountainside. A strange vulture-like bird is swooping down to seize her and carry her off - the question is: can George, the local hero, save her? That of course depends on how good you are at controlling George's actions with the joystick.

To save the damsel, George has to climb the mountain, avoiding arrows shot by the local warriors, and deadly creatures and eggs carefully aimed at him by the vulture. Once at the top of the mountain, George must seize the conveniently placed spear and hurl it accurately at the giant bird - but he must be accurate as there is little time to spare (Spear?).

The main criticism is that only a single scene is provided compared with the many multi-framed graphic adventures now available. Nevertheless, the graphics and sound for this single scene are very good.