Perception Of Value

Published in EUG #59

The following brief article by Alan Richardson was forwarded to EUG at the same time as to his own local (New Zealand) Acorn group's newsletter (ARMED). Although it refers to a previous article which we unfortunately do not have access to, it makes some interesting points regarding making a product valuable to others so it is included here too. Any comments on it can be done either through EUG or emailed to Alan direct.

Something is attractive to someone to the extent that it has some perceived value. This applies to our newsletter, our computers, and anything else. Such as old ACORNs/RISC PCs, etc.

I read the article "One School's Garbage" and was pleased to see that one school's garbage was perceived to have value by another school. No doubt with plenty of help and effort on th part of E.S.D. Further on in the article there was the comment that there was no need to preach to the converted. I agree. But what if someone who is "not converted" reads the article? What if someone who is not converted reads our newsletter? There is little to help with a conversion.

A section of the magazine that helped with a conversion, that is gives some basic info to readers who may not be converted (so that they know what we are about, our aims as a club, what we are doing and what it is that we like about RISC OS machines, where to find current information, who supports, etc, etc) could be a factor in increasing general interest in what we are about. In other words, could we make membership of the club and the receiving of its magazine more valuable? Could the newsletter become of interest to the school that has just bought a lot of RISC OS machines?

Are there other schools like Clover Park? I am sure that E.S.D. will be supporting but is there a place for a User Group to help provide a bigger picture or a wider support base, or be an additional source of ideas? The bigger the RISC OS scene appears to be, the more it might attract and the less might be any feeling of isolation by such as Clover Park.

Just some thoughts. I was quite chuffed to read that E.S.D. had recycled some RISC OS machines. Well done! It is always enjoyable to read good news articles like this. Adds value to the newsletter.

I am interested in upgrading from my Electron sometime soon, so I have a vested interest in prodding for more information on the current state of RISC OS relating to both hardware and software.

Alan Richardson
EUG #59

Alan Richardson