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Published in EUG #62

This file describes the program DumpCLI which courteously prints out anything and everything sent to the command line interpreter. This is particularly useful when tracing what a commercial program is doing.

The manual and software is (C) 2001 SPROW.


At any command line prompt, eg. the BASIC command prompt ">", go into the U directory and type *DUMPCLI.

The program will then install itself into Page &C00 (The CHR$ definition buffer on the BBC and Electron and Econet workspace on the Master) and sit there until a call is made to the CLIV (Command Line Interpreter Vector).

Known Problems/Future Enhancements

No known problems. Repointing of the 'reset' vector allows the pressing of BREAK. This may be performed, for example, when pressing SHIFT-BREAK to boot a disc.


v1.00 Released to Electron User Group

Robert Sprowson