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Published in EUG #62

Well, the time has flown by and what seems destined to be the very last EUG rolls off the presses (or is that "is duplicated by the double disc drive?"). It is not necessarily completely all over though. A number of contributions did arrive just too late for inclusion in EUG #62 so what I would say to you all is "Keep an eye on the library at There will probably be an EUG #63 sometime in summer." But there will be no more bi-monthly discs sent by Royal Mail unless, that is, there is interest in Chris Dewhurst's proposal (Take a look at the news).


Loadsa news from the internet-based BBC 8bit world as more and more classic games are unearthed and archived. Plus a brief history of the decade EUG was in operation.


Yet more on EUG's demise with commentary on the rough and tumble of being an EUG editor plus an expose of the cunning whiles of previous Ed Gus Donnachaidh. Finally you shall all know what was going on behind the scenes. Plus the concluding parts of Chris Dewhurst's AUTOMATON and ENVELOPE ENGINEER series and the very last "Elk Entertainment" article!


Hurles (BBC B, B+, Master and Turbo Electron)
This game comes from the magazine Personal Computer Weekly and is something of a ten-pin bowling simulation. It's all done in BASIC, although it manages some very impressive sprites by the use of overlays! Note that it plays too slowly on a standard Electron though.

Luna Zone (BBC B, B+, Master (After *CONVERT) and Electron)
The unpublished sequel to Scott Green's VOLTZONE (which appeared on Argus Press' ELECTRON COMPUTING #6 companion disc). A small arcade adventure game.

Mower (BBC B, B+, Master and Electron)
Cut the requisite amount of grass in this very simple amble around a garden. Actually though, it's not simple at all...

Overdrive 2002 (BBC Model B Only)
A race against the clock, this m/code number from James Watson is a clone of the classic Superior title with enhanced features like a larger car sprite, a 'scrolling-style' road, more colours and a mountainous horizon. Not to mention a sprightly little tune in its intro.

PATIENCE SUITE & EAGLE'S WING (All series. EAGLE'S WING=Master 128 only)
Richard Dimond is back. And how! His masterpiece, the PATIENCE FOUR PACK, is rewritten so that all moves may be undone if required and a fantastic new patience game comes into being. EAGLE'S WING is a 64K game for the Master 128 and 64K Electron. See his letter in the Mailbag.

Shields (BBC B, B+, Master and Electron)
Chris Dewhurst is back with his most ambitious project yet. This really is a staggering piece of programming by Beeb standards, up there with Tetris, Xor, Tactic and Hyperball in terms of addictiveness. Deceptively simple to play, devastating difficult to complete, it comes with all the documentation we've come to expect from our most accomplished coder.


DUMPCLI (All series)
Another fantastic little utility from Robert Sprowson, which sends prints on-screen all commands sent to the Command Line Interpreter. Now you can see what all those commercial programs are doing!

Solution Corner

The very last Scott Adams solution is to Adventure No. 13: Sorceror Of Claymorgue Castle. There is, in point of fact, a further adventure in the Adventuresoft series on the Electron, one Rebel Planet, which bills itself as Adventure No. 16! However, we have no solution to it nor to No. 14 (as it doesn't exist) or No. 15 (which is bugged and unplayable). So we did make it through the whole series of solutions in the end then.


The last word goes to readers and contributors alike.

Dave E