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Published in EUG #59


Roll up, roll up, EUG #59 is in town and this issue is more varied than most thanks to quite a number of textual contributions (Oh, thank you!). Keep 'em up! User Groups are the place for articles, reviews and musings on 8bit and while this feedback is forthcoming, there will be somewhere it can be seen...


Brand new downloads of the A&B Computing magazine hit cyberspace, the EUG disc library stands 99.9% complete and an intriguing video is unearthed in the regular roundup of BBC and Elk-related news.


The eighth instalment of the long-running utility series presents two concentration tests.

Dave E recalls the testing times from a hundred eBay deals across the internet, deplores non-paying bidders (like himself!(?)) and explains buying and selling to the uninitiated.

"Elk Entertainment"
Christian Weber laments the lack of big-screen arcade conversions for the Electron and presents pokes and solutions to some all-time favourites.

Perception Of Value
Alan Richardson theoretically discusses whether there remains a place for User Groups in the hearts of 8bit owners.


Qman (All series)
Originally from the pages of A&B Computing but slightly adapted to improve playability, this challenging Crazy Er*bert clone will test your arcade skill.

Space Blaster (All series)
Fight your way through deep space and shoot anything that moves before it gets close enough to shoot back. That's the aim of this cockpit-view game which includes joystick and keyboard option.


Bayley Slideshow (All series)
A selection of four freehand images (in varying Modes) from P. Bayley.

Electron User Menu System (All series)
Got old Electron User tapes lying around which you would rather have on disc? Well, transfer them then. Problem? The menu won't work from disc? Then you'd better stick the names of the files into this alternative one and *COPY it across, hadn't you? Includes full documentation.

Filldemo (All series)
An intriguing picture is built up from complex filled-in images; the idea being that the Fill routine can be extracted and used in your own programs. Just one of the many utilities from the new Electron Programs disc, reviewed this very issue. Full documentation.


John Crane on new Electron Programs By Carl Graham disc, Kevin Etheridge on Elk PD masterpiece Sunday and Dave E outside his usual gaming sphere with a book and video review; one loved, one loathed. And how!

Adventures (All series)

Mystery Of Silver Mountain Adventure
A type-in adventure which has lain in EUG's "To include" tray since EUG #46 but which, thanks to its complex programming style, has stayed unpublished until it could be fully tested. It now has been and has been coupled to a loading screen. Enjoy!

Haunted House Adventure
Time to enter another House of Horror in a Usborne text adventure aimed at the younger warrior.

Solution Corner

Finally (Yes, finally finally!) we get Savage Island Part 1 into an easy-to-solve format and publish the full solution, the game itself and two saved positions!


The spelling of disc causes more debate and we get the reaction (or rather lack of it) of the EUG readership to the news of its closure.


The adventure listing of which Dave E scathes is also included on this disc, although not linked to the menu. CHAIN"G.MISS" (RETURN)

Dave E