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Home Computing Weekly

Zeus Assembler
By Sinclair Research
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

This program (hence this review) is aimed at those who understand the Z80 instruction set and the mechanics of assembly language.

There are two main command modes, assembler and editor, with a screen editor common to both of them. There are seven pseudo ops, or directives, including DEFB, DEFW, DEFM/ string, and a very useful DISPlacement.

Either or both the source file and the object code may be SAVED, but both are eradicated from the assembler on SAVEing.

Apart from a list of reserved words, labels and comments may be used as you wish, following the rules laid down.

Using the monitor mode, there is an instant decimal/hex/decimal conversion, and a very good MODIFY command, plus others. There are ten error report codes which are easy to follow, but the program is keen on the correct use of spaces.

For those who do not know any ROM routines, there are ten useful routines resident in Zeus which you may call. This does mean, however, that any object code using any of these routines cannot be used as a stand-alone program.