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By Retro Software
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Retro Software decides the world needs... yet another Space Invaders clone


Zap is a straightforward shoot-'em-up which puts you in charge of a lone spacecraft. The aim is to conquer as many zones as you can by either blasting the bad guys out of existence or avoiding them and all of their bullets.

Zap is quite an engaging game. It's intense, but you can develop a strategy to take you further and further. Moving around a lot in the central lane of the screen, for example, works very well. The cascading arrays of bad guys are the standard Space Invaders fare, and formations of them attack in ever more intricate patterns.

Control of your spaceship is also excellent, and frankly, with all of those bullets flying around, it needs to be. Disappointingly however, the big boss at the end of each zone is always the same and, because crossing a zone is fairly speedy, rather than sweating, you'll soon be yawning when he makes his appearance yet again. A cassette-based copy of Zap costs £2.95 plus P&P.

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Dave E


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