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Sorry Anirog, I don't like this one. I know the graphics are brilliant and the idea has been successfully implemented by other companies. I just didn't enjoy it.

The mission is to fly your helicopter through a maze of walls and security doors gone haywire to reach the next refueling pad, and so on until your destination. The walls have arches, tunnels and holes that must have been the work of a team of horribly demented brickies.

The 3D effect is superb but it takes getting used to. I flew more by the height gauge and watching the shadow than by watching the copter. Watching the helicopter often resulted in crashing on what looked like a clear path. No doubt I could learn, but handling the helicopter was slow and stodgy so I couldn't summon up the enthusiasm. I couldn't watch the red and white bricks for long without getting eye-ache in any case.

Perhaps I'm unfair; you might love Zaga Mission. I'd say it's a 'try before you buy' game.

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