ZX Computing

Z80 Reference Guide
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #21

Z80 Reference Guide

Z80 Reference Guide, by Alan Tully, is intended as a reference manual for the Z80 programmer.

The book is designed to help the Z80 programmer, who perhaps is stuck with a programming problem, to choose the correct Z80 commands to use. An excellent chapter is included which lists the Z80 instruction set and where best to use the various commands. The bulk of the book is a summary of the Z80 instruction set, which gives full details of each individual instruction, along with the effect on the flag register and the timing of the specific instruction. Excellent examples of usage are also given for all but the most simple instructions.

The book covers a vast topic and is ideal for anyone interested in machine code, either to be used by itself or as a supplement to an existing 'Learn How To Program' guide. Although this book is expensive at £9.95, it is well worth having an empty pocket for all those who are into machine code.

David Harwood