Z-Out (Rainbow Arts) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Rainbow Arts
Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #72


The success of X-Out has ensured yet another alien menace looms over Earth, this time allowing two pilots to participate in the action. Interestingly the game plays quite differently in one- and two-player modes.

In the former, there's seven different weapons to collect, each upgradable three times, and once you die you do back to the last restart position. There's also a drone and numerous satellites to collect.

In two-player mode there's only two add-on weapons (inactive until level three), but if you die the game still rolls on until all lives are lost. Whichever way you play, opposition is tough - six lengthy levels with numerous mega-monsters, walkers and high-speed attack formations.

C64 Update

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Z-Out sure is an addictive two-player blast - tempers can be lost as easily as it is to pick up the vital bonus pods (or lose a life!).

Z-Out's influences are unsurprisingly a host of coin-ops but it's good to see it's got the graphic and sonic quality to do them justice.

Aside from the two-player mode, there's little new over the likes of R-Type (or indeed X-Out) but if you want a challenge then this is certainly recommended.


Z-Out lacks the presentation of its predecessor and the initial graphics are somewhat bland; silky smooth scrolling and a Amiga palette of course, but a bit dull.

But, unlike most games, the levels get better later on - the Alien-themed level is superb - and the two-player mode is good fun. Going back to restart positions on the one-player game can be irritating, but the wide range of dramatic weaponry helps compensate.

Z-Out offers little originality, but it's superbly executed and very tough!


Presentation 80%
Simultaneous two-player option, continue-plays, save-to-disk high scores, optional software autofire and free poster.

Graphics 81%
Silky scrolling, super-fast villains, impressive mega-monsters and some great later levels.

Sound 84%
Good title tune, optional coin-op style soundtrack changing with each level plus nice FX.

Hookability 80%
Tough to begin with, but two-player mode helps you get into it.

Lastability 78%
Six worlds provide a tough challenge.

Overall 80%
A first class shoot-'em-up.