Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #17

The first stage of Yomp is really a Frogger variant. Your five paratroopers have to cross four lanes of fast-moving traffic, and when three men are across the second stage begins.

Unlike Frogger, there is only traffic to contend with, but the gaps are small, and the four lanes travel at different speeds.

The second stage involves using a radar scanner to cross an enemy minefield, in the manner of Mined Out. Movement sensors mean sudden death if you make too many mistakes.

Your task is not helped by having a flashing paratrooper - most distracting! The graphics are good, but confusing - you can sometimes escape when you appear to have collided and vice versa.

Not too bad, but overpriced. You do get two games, but neither is as good as similar games taken separately.


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