Yogi's Great Escape

Publisher: Hi-Tec
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #64

Yogi's Great Escape

Mad Cow Disease, Listeria and Salmonella may worry some people, but not Yogi Bear who, besides being smarter than your average bear, is also a lot hungrier. Now winter is over, there's nothing he loves more than helping happy campers keep fit by disposing of their unhealthy snacks.

Unfortunately, Jellystone Park is about to be privatised and turned into an industrial estate. All the animals are to be trucked off to zoos, but our smart bear has learnt about this and plans to escape!

Yogi's destination is the fast-food capital of the world, New York City. Starting in Jellystone Park, Yogi must rush through The Forest, The Wild West, Mumbo Jumbo Marsh and a Funfair before arriving at NYC. All six levels are horizontally-scrolling, and packed with platforms to leap between, as well as troopers, snakes and plenty more baddies to avoid. There's also a tight time limit, but bonus points can be earned by collecting goodies such as Picnic Baskets and Toffee Apples! Even more points are earned when there's special objects to collect, such as the six pieces of Yogi's car. Getting all six pieces earns 7,500 points!

Of course, all this is extremely familiar - the sort of platforms-and-ladders game that Jet Set Willy revolutionized back in 1984. This game hardly matches JSW for imagination or gameplay, but the graphics are very good - perfectly capturing the cartoon character - while gameplay isn't bad. It's obviously a bit repetitive going back to level one when you lose all your lives, but for a budget game it's very playable. The later levels also seem to introduce new hazards, such as moving walkways in the forest, and these keep you coming back.

Recommended for Yogi fans everywhere!