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Yogi Bear
By Piranha
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #69

Yogi Bear

Oh, please, this is a conspiracy isn't it? Soppy, gooey, cute and cuddly games. Yeeekk!

Yogi may be smarter than the average bear, but has some dumb friends. Side-kick BooBoo is a complete klutz and has got himself bearnapped.

The game starts on January 1st. You have exactly one year, starting from now, to rescue Blubber-wubba or whatever he's called, before you have to go back into hibernation.

Yogi Bear is rather bizarre. It basically consists of ramble around Jellystone Park, dodging campers, rangers, hopping frogs, geezers, swarms of bees, birds and snakes.

Bizarrity comes in various guises. Because Yogi is such a nice, cuddly, sweet, generally nauseating sort of bear, he's not meant to be seen killing anything. So whereas your average, Kamikazee sort of bear would blast all the annoying critters to Kingdom Come with a rather large flamethrower or small nuclear grenade, Yogi's defence is to turn into a bush.

No, I've not gone completely mad, the damned bear really does turn himself into a bush. Hold down fire joystick up and bob's your bush.

What an idea for a game. Quite liked it really. Yogi Bear looks just like his cartoon counterpart.

The emphasis is heavily on the cute and nice, rather than the blood and guts. I dunno about Yogi being smarter than the average bear, I thought your average bear could swim, and Yoggers most surely can't. In fact, he can't fight, jump or run hundred metres either. He's pretty useless all round really.

But, if you can take tacky, the graphics are good and quite funny. Jellystone is nicely depicted and the frogs are great. You should enjoy it.

Overall Summary

Rather "nice" game with convincing Yogi graphics. Interestingly surreal "change into a bush" routine. Good fun.

Tamara Howard

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