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By Destiny
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #78


From the land of mountains, ice and snow comes a legend that has intrigued people for ages, stories of a huge hairy beast, a giant mysterious creature whose existence has never been conclusively proved or denied. It's the Abominable Snowman or Yeti.

And so enters Destiny, a new name on the software scene, and programmer Christian Urquhart, and old industry stalwart, with a quest to discover this mythical creature.

Armed with a rifle and grenades - those twin tools of scientific exploration - you set out to hunt and capture the Yeti.

Every now and then you get a tantalising glimpse of the Yeti but he, or she, scampers off before you can do anything about it. It is not until the fourth level of the game that you can actual confront the elusive creature.

Until then you must trek through snow, blizzards and into forbidden territory where outsiders are made to feel decidedly unwelcome. Leading the unwelcoming committee are sullen Buddhas which protect the pathways, flinging death-dealing lightning bolts. Then there are the mad monks who rush straight at you. These must be blasted until they change colour before they die.

Also watch out for spikes. Don't worry if you don't get the point of them. You soon will! There are also crevasses, hidden beneath the surface, waiting for a real fall guy.

The explorer starts out with 50 rounds of ammunition and 10 grenades, three lives and a body temperature which must not fall too low.

Along the way, he can replenish his ammunition and grenades. There is also a mystical fluid to be found which will restore body temperature. And one of the most useful items to find is the ski-bike. This can really speed up your progress through this frozen landscape.

Shields are also useful while they last. They protect against a lot of nasties, other than craggy rocks and lightning bolts.

Yeti, together with Teladon, are the first two releases from Destiny. Yeti is a very competent game, nicely programmed and very playable, even if it doesn't really set the imagination alight.