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By Work Force
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #12

From two to six players can take part in the game, which is based on the roll of five dice. The screen display is divided into two parts, the upper half showing the faces of the dice from one to six, and the lower half poker dice scores from four of a kind to a high run. Each player has three "throws", with a hold on each die if required.

At the end of the three throws you must take an option according to what is on the dice faces - so if you have four sixes you can take the sixes option or the four of a kind option, but the option can only be used once. A chance option gives you the value of the five faces of the dice added together. Five of a kind gives you a Yahtzi.

Two points that annoyed me. There is a printed line informing you that you should use keys 1 to 5 for holding, and I would have liked to have seen a longer delay for the print on screen. And at the point when you have completed your three throws, the game positively races Ion to the next player's ge - a longer delay before moving on would be a great improvement.