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Computer Gamer

By Logotron
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Computer Gamer #23


You may have seen a sample version of this game, because one was given away on the cover of our companion BBC title A&B Computing. If not, then may I suggest that you do, and quickly?

Logotron are well known or their Logo series of programs (now accepted as the standard by Acorn in the Master Compact) and for the support that they give to their software. Now, in a radical new move, they are attempting t give that same level of support to a game - but what a game!

Basically, Xor is a series of mazes which you must clear of masks, using shields as your playing pices, in a certain number of moves. Ho hum. However, the game is so expertly programmed and so filled with humour and style that it becomes instantly compulsive.

The graphics are excellent and the puzzles fiendish - one level, for instance, has masks which turn the lights out leaving you with a dark screen and the problem of finding the mask that will switch them on again.

Lively touches abound too. On later screens there are fish which fall if unsupported and chickens which fly across the screen when disturbed! Nothing is simple either. The mazes and puzzles will intrigue and fascinate you and if, like me, you're a fan of the Repton series, then this will also appeal to you.

In the future Logotron are to release a maze generator, a special school edition and a collection of the best games players' maps - support, as I said.

It may be unusual, it may not involve killing aliens, but do buy this one. You will not regret it!