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Sinclair User

By Americana
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #69


A long time ago, in a galaxy quite close to home, lived the people of Xevious. They had a world, and they called it Earth. One day, while they were out shopping, a bunch of apes had the cheek to evolve into intelligent life forms and take over. So, the Xevians decide to put a stop to the 'humans' (as they had decided to name themselves) and launched an attack.

Enough of the supa-hype opening, down to brass tacks. This game, like many of its era is a vertically scrolling, shoot-'em-up, and not a very good one. It scrolls nicely enough, the backgrounds are very average, the nasties are depicted in a quite-well-depicted-sort-of-fashion, but it lacks the motivation to make it worth playing.

Overall Summary

Poorly programmed unplayable conversion of a a substandard arcade machine.

Tony Dillon

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