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By Micro Style
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #97


Xenophobe is a split-screen one or two player shoot-'em-up in which two mercenaries enter a series of abandoned space stations and destroy the aliens who have taken over.

Although Xenophobe is an accurate conversion, it still isn't particularly fun to play. The fault lies not in the computer game itself, but instead with the coin-op from which it has been copied. Arcade Xenophobe (which, incidentally, featured three player action) wasn't a hit due to its simplistic gameplay. All there is to the game is beaming onto a platform, picking up a load of objects, and shooting diagonally downwards or forwards at hordes of green aliens. There's hardly any variety from screen to screen, and very little in the way of two-player interaction.

Consequently, the first few games are fun, but boredom soon creeps in.


The graphics and sound are fine. But the gameplay is just too bland to make this anything other than average.


Looks and sounds the same as the coin-op, but lacks variety and lasting appeal.

Atari ST

Arcade perfect graphics and good sound, but the gameplay just doesn't hold your attention for long.


The graphics are monochrome but the gameplay is the same. There's just no enough variety to hold your attention.


Starts off as a fun shoot-n-pick-'em-up, but repetitive gameplay rapidly puts a dampener on the proceedings.

Paul Rand

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