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By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #62


Mmm, this is the second Mastertronic offering of the month and - spook! - it's just as much a corker as the first. (Actually, there's another couple of Virgin re-releases over the page as well, Gemini Wing and Double Dragon - you can either buy all four games separately under the Mastertronic label or in one big box as a barg pack. Well, I thought it was interesting anyway.)

Okay, down to business. Captain Xod is in a bit of a pickle because his spaceship has just broken down right over the other end of the Federation sector. In other words, it's just another excuse for a vertically-scrolling multi-level action-packed shoot-'em-up. Huh!

Graphic-wise things are excellent - detailed and, if a little monochrome, still pretty spanky. There are loads of different baddies to kill - they either move around on the surface or fly above it, so for this reason you can swop between two different ships. One goes along the floor and one flies - you have to work out which ship kills what. At the end of the level there's a mega-nasty which (naturally) you have to kill in order to carry on. Oh, and there're loads of add-ons including strange ball things which follow you about and fire for you.

And that's just Level One - Level Two is completely different! Ifs grrrr-eeaaat!

Rich Pelley

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