Xadom (Quicksilva) Review | Big K - Everygamegoing

Big K

By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #1


The vast golden face beamed at me, bathing my awestruck countenance with radiant light. "My speciality," it said, "is reincarnation. Prepare to return."

I was stuck inside of Xadom with Adventure Blues again.

Like a spring lamb I flitted and weaved across the floor towards the far wall, where three gateways flickered with ominous lightnings. As Agent Dingbat (somehow I can never stand to type my real name into one of those games that demand a preliminary handle). I had to search the multi-roomed spacedome and locate a missing widget; then escape by means of a pre-planted transporter.

If they can transport me out, why couldn't they beam me in? As it is all these dratted 3D rooms look the same in outline, though each one is dotted with two or more kinds of hazards and obstructions, with freelance Minders of various hideous mien to be found in any location. Trickiest of all the room traps is the Dark Maze (Tip: try the longest way to the door of your choice first - you may be pleasantly surprised).

Each time you die - for lack of energy, or by being anti-mattered (what does it anti-matter anyway?) - you get reincarnated - slightly drawn-out, this dying routine. Colours are good, 3D resolution sharp and imaginative, action smooth and the whole thing seems pretty well bug-free.

Author Mike Moscott knows his stuff and Xadom is a new way of doing things but somehow - to me, anyway - it failed to come over as a clincher. If you haven't done this one inside a week, is my guess, you won't bother to.