Computer Gamer

World Series Basketball
By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #9

World Series Basketball

The thrills and pace of world class basketball are brought to the Spectrum screen by the new improved Imagine, now firmly under Ocean control.

The crowd hush as the teams come out for the first match in the World series. It's you against the deadly Spectrum team. You choose your control keys carefully, as any slip could be costly.

The Spectrum scores straight from the jump off. Two minutes later, you're 26-0 down.

World Series Basketball

This is usual when the game is loaded it is automatically set to its highest level. Change this from six to one and you've got a better chance.

When you get fed up with losing to the computer you can swap to two player mode with the option of using 1 or even 2 joysticks.

If you still get beaten by human opponents then you should opt for practice mode and throw some passes around.

Passing is, of course, the key to the game as a well-timed pass can leave you free to score.

You control one of your men at any one time but this changes as you pass or intercept the ball. This one shaded in whereas the others look hollow on a single colour background. The main problem facing beginners is distinguishing your men from the others particularly when three or four are bunched together.

After a while this didn't bother me as I used the patented "If I can move it must be mine" theory which only went badly wrong a few times. Never mind, maybe I'll win the next game.