ZX Computing

World Series Basketball
By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #23

World Series Basketball

This company seems to be specialising in sports simulations at the moment, and seems to prove that specialisation is no bad thing. I used to enjoy playing the old arcade game of Basketball with the roller ball and two players, but this game relegates it to the realms of antiquity.

You can either play against another opponent or against the computer and control a team of four players. The action is fast and you need plenty of practice to win, especially against the computer, even at the lowest of the six skill levels. Luckily a practice mode is provided.

To do well in this game it is not enough to just run with the ball and shoot for the basket, you need to develop the technique of passing to your other players. Control of the players is cleverly done in that the member of your team nearest or actually with the ball is highlighted and under your control. Pressing fire causes him to jump; holding fire causes each player in the team to jump in turn, so when the player you want to control jumps, you release the fire button and control has passed to him.

While the player(s) under control move, the computer takes charge of the remainder of the team and tries to move them in an appropriate manner, usually this is very effective, although I have seen players immitating headless chickens on occasion.

A challenging, fast and fairly realistic game.