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Home Computing Weekly

World Series Baseball
By Imagine
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

The well-known name Imagine has resurfaced with this simulation of baseball. The most striking aspect is the distinct American feel. The graphics are to a high standard using sprites on a multicolour bit map backdrop.

A single screen is used giving a view of the baseball diamond from the grandstand. Above the field is a window, rather like the grandstand. Above the field is a window, rather like the fancy displays used in most stadia, which gives close up side views of the pitcher and batter. There are options to play against the computer or against a human opponent. The animation is nicely done with cheerleaders and the ball casting a shadow. The close view given by the small window is very slickly done.

I won't try to explain the rules other than saying that the two sides take it in turns to have an innings and the game is the best of nine innings. The control of the game is by joystick only and due to the wide range of options, it takes a little while to suss out. When fielding you have control over a wide range of pitches and the actions of the fielders. As batter you control the type of stroke and the movement of players on the bases.

Compared with other sports simulations, this game is above average. Initially the game is tough to master but once you've moved down the learning curve a bit it becomes both engrossing and exciting. At this price it's great fun and good value.