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Words, Words, Words
By Dragon Data
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

This cassette is one of the first in a series of educational software to be released by Dragon Data, strengthening the common belief that the Dragon is an underrated computer for educational purposes. This program is for children aged between five and eight years.

The program involves recreating a story in graphical form by recognising and spelling correctly and object, which is then placed somewhere on the screen and takes its place as part of the story. When I say story, I mean a simple scenario with several events occuring. For instance, in the city scene, once completed, vehicles move along the road, a truck has its load removed by a crane and the clouds start to rain. Eight scenarios are available.

The program is graphically excellent, using, in some cases, six or seven colours on the supposedly four colour screen. Useful as a simple aid although lacking in versatility.


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