Sinclair User

Wizard's Warriors
By Abersoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #37

The Wizard's Warriors

ALTHOUGH the blurb on the cassette insert trills enthusiastically about tyrannical wizards, stench of death, lethal minions etc, Wizard's Warriors by Mastertronic is a straightforward two-dimensional maze game.

Your on-screen alter ego is a small figure armed with a laser rifle. The purpose is to move him around the grid despatching the wizard's guards who are also supplied with lasers.

When you've got rid of the visible enemies others arrive who can only be seen in direct lines of sight. The rest of the time they can be tracked on the rudimentary radar beneath the playing area. When those are all reduced to atoms an eagle must be slaughtered, then the wizard. Difficulty increases from screen to screen.

The game is an average shoot-'em- up with no great distinguishing characteristics from many others. Graphics are pleasantly coloured but jerky. You won't need a great deal of strategic skill as the easiest thing to do is hang around with your back to a wall and wait for the rather unintelligent guards to stumble your way.

Richard Price

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