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Winter Olympics
By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 3.09

Just what I need to play in the hottest week of the year! Feel that crisp snow under the feet, glide over that ice - wonderful! In the honourable tradition of Hyper Sports, Olympic Decathalon, etc, this is a collection of six different sporting events. Some of these are more fun than others but the game is a world away from the other Tynesoft offerings this month (leaving aside Jet Set Willy of course).

The game proceeds in the usual kind of way - you can practise each event or go straight for the records. Starting with speed skating (doesn't have bash the keyboard) you move to the ski jump. I'm embarrassed to say I couldn't jump a foot here and kept falling off the end of the jump to land in a tangle of broken limbs. Never fear, it's right on to the best event - the Cresta Run. A map of the course and a driver's eye view should allow you to slide down at great speed, but make sure you don't slip out of the run on corners and crash into the trees!

Two fairly standard skiing events next (slalom and downhill) that don't really excite me and, finally, curling - a strange event rather like bowls on ice. No rhyme nor reason here that I could work out for correct placement in your turn so the computer wins quite easily.

All in all, excellent value and, whilst the graphics may not be up to those in some other sports imulations, I would be quite happy to have paid this money for the cresta Run alone.

Claimed to be compatiable with the Model B and the Electron (Quite a feat, I should imagine!) this is worth your attention. Check up with Tynesoft; certainly anyone offering Master software this early in its life needs encouraging.

Dave Reeder

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