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Winter Games
By Epyx
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #50

Winter Games

A fanfare sounds. It's the 1988 Winter Games at Calgary in Canada. And Epyx/US Gold have another gold winner.

The same high standard of graphics and accurate simulation which made Summer Games II such a smash, are all present again. Seven events are on offer:

Figure Skating: a one minute timed exercise of seven compulsory movements - camel spin, sit spin, double axel jump, triple lutz jump and camel into spin.

Free Skating: two minutes in which you can give free range to your imagination and impress the judges with jumps and spins.

Speed Skating: two racers compete against each other in separate lanes.

Hot Dog Aerials: don't get in a flap as you flip through the air performing daredevil moves on skis.

Ski Jump: a deep breath and you're hurtling down the slope to take off into the air. Points are awarded for style and distance.

Biathalon: a cross-country race on skis combined with rifle target shooting.

Bobsled: brave the track of solid ice and speeds of up to 90mph.

I suggest that anyone who wants to invest in this sort of game should but a very good joystick - and buy one very often.

These pictures are fantastic. I would buy this one and skip all the joystick-waggling events. I would do the skating, ski-jumping and hot-dogging. You can tell we like this because we want to take this one home!

The big pluses are superb graphics, good instructions - not guesswork or trial and error. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the one for us!