Winter Games

Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Kixx
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #75

Winter Games

How many times is this game going to be rereleased in a different format? After the original release it's been on countless compilations I know of, and now rereleased on the Kixx label. If you haven't got it somewhere in your software collection, where have you been over the past few years? It's no wonder it's been rereleased so many times though, it's a brilliant game. One of the best winter sports simulations on the Spectrum.

The events range from the basic ski jump, which takes some mastering, to fun things like the toboggan and hot dog events. And no the hot dog has nothing at all to do with sausages and rolls, it's the free style event where the skier has to do the most death defying leaps he can. All the snow tipped mountains in the background add a nice touch - you could almost be in the Alps. In fact I thought I saw Robin Candy flying by on his skiing holiday! The main sprites are a bit basic with not much detail, but they're well animated: what do you expect, this game was first released in 1984! Sound is also not up to modern standards, but who cares? The graphics create all the atmosphere, and the various events are a real challenge, even to the experienced game player. Winter Games is a Spectrum classic. Any self-respecting collector should have it on his or her shelf in one form or another, and with this budget release you've no excuse: go out and by it now, you won't be disappointed.

Nick Roberts

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