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Amstrad Action

By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #52


US Gold's Christmas goodie box is stuffed to the brim with conversions.

Thunderblade is the big name leader of the pack - it was last year's chart challenger from the Brummie boys and girls, and straps you into the cockpit of a helicopter gunship that flies through cities and over battle stations raining high-explosive death.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is a strange film/coin-op crossover. You take on the role of the man in the hat and fight your way across various landscapes rescuing children, finding artifacts and trying to stay alive.

Blasteroids is a very creditable attempt to revive the long-forgotten Asteroids genre. A one or two-player game, you must clear sector after sector of debris and aliens with your ever trusty laser cannon. It's limited but fun.

Impossible Mission is in a league of its own as a game of running and jumping detective fun. Trying to defeat the improbably-named Elvin Atombender, you have to neutralise five tower strongholds relying on luck and judgement not firepower. A classically frustrating game.

LED Storm is better left unmentioned, other than the fact that it's a car game of dubious repute. It's the only real dog of the bunch, though, and cannot drag down a solid and varied compilation of arcade (style) games that rely on quick reactions and little brainwork. Great blasting fun.


Overall 76%
Arcade action and lots of it!

Trenton Webb

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