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Winged Warlords
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Quite simply, this is the best version of the arcade game Joust you are likely to see on your Spectrum.

The aim of the ostrich-ousting is to mount your trusty steed (in this case a winged horse) and do battle with the dark lords of the skies, trying to unseat these masters of myth before their lance finds its mark.

The original idea is very well reproduced here. But before you can do battle with the cosmic cavaliers you need to tame your steed. The stallion seems to have a will of its own, screeching to a halt when you try to manoeuvre.

Should you manage to unseat an enemy he topples to the ground, awaiting the return of his well-trained mount. Then he takes to the skies with a vengeance. A particularly lethal red eagle skims across the landscape from time to time.

My only criticism of this outstanding game is that the character set is not re-defined into Gothic type. This would have added the final touch of atmosphere to a game which kept me up well into the night.


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