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Home Computing Weekly

Wilfred The Hairy
By Microbyte
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

A game of strategy, based on domination of the world. After a long time loading several blocks of program and data, a world map is revealed. Two castles, one in North America, the other in Africa, are the bases for Olaf and Wilf. You adopt one name, your Spectrum the other.

The game is won or lost by occupying Europe, or by grabbing all three of the other continents. But as you do so, you use ammo, and need to return to base for more. You cannot enter a continent if your opponent is well stocked with ammo, and if you need to cross the sea, you may well be involved in a battle via a nice inset arcade-style game involving cannon and ships.

This version is much smoother than its BASIC predecessor. Even so, the lack of a title screen, together with slow response, is disappointing. When over, the computer resets, and the program disappears. Screen messages are rather crude, too.

The concept is a good one, but this isn't up to the standard of finish I expect from a commercial product.


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