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Computer Gamer

Wild Ride
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #11

Wild Ride

It ought to be a really pleasant job, dressed up as a clown and in charge of the roller coaster in your local pleasure park. And so it is until a mad bomber appears on the scene, determined to blow the rollwer coaster to smithereens.

You must chase up and down the track detonating the bombs before they explode. To help you, there is a small radar screen showing the relative positions of you, the bomber and any bombs he may have left. You can gain extra points by collecting junk food and jumping up to burst balloons that are littered around the track.

There are thirty-two tracks to clear, each one becoming progressively harder. Empty roller coaster cars whizz round and have to be leapt over and there are various nasties called Shox. Flappers and Boppers which try to get in your way. These can be controlled by throwing rubber coconuts at them but be warned, the Shox are only stunned, not killed.

You can choose to start at any level up to number nine so that you don't have to waste time on any of the easier screens when you become proficient.

Wild Ride is a jolly, addictive little game, with reasonable graphics and sound. There is even a bonus game that you can play whilst the game is loading - a first for Interceptor and a nice touch, even if it is nothing special. Worth considering.