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Widow's Revenge
By Bubble Bus
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

The cassette card says quite simply: "Shoot everything that moves and everything that does not". That is good advice because this is a fast-moving zap-it-up game.

Once the game is loaded, there's screen of instructions and then a demo. You can select two players and play then switches between them after a loss of life. This makes the game more competitive.

The "plot" is reasonably original. You can move around the bottom of the screen using the joystick.

Widow's Revenge

Black beetles crawling across turn suddenly and fire at you. If you hit them they turn to eggs, hit the eggs and they turn blue requiring several hits to extermiinate. Very soon, the screen is littered with crawling beetles and white and blue eggs.

Occasionally, the Black Widow spider appears and works its way to you. Hit it and you get a mystery score. While all this is going on an egg-laying vulture is flying about. Definitely something to be avoided.

I enjoyed this game, the graphics were good and the game original without being trite.


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