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Who Dares Wins II
By Alligata
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.08

In the army now

As your army fell back under the enemy onslaught many of your comrades were taken prisoner and unless someone goes in to rescue them they will certainly be killed. Sure enough, that someone is you.

Who Dares Wins II is another "one man against an army" game in the same vein as Commando from Elite. Armed with only a machine gun and five grenades you must fight your way deep into enemy territory.

The opening screen gives an aerial view of a desert scene complete with palm trees and huts. A small company of enemy soldiers shoot at you as you make your way to the top of the screen.

Who Dares Wins II

Your machine gun always fires in the direction in which you are facing, and this also applies to grenades which are launched using Shift or Fire.

As you near the top of the screen it scrolls down jerkily revealing new obstacles and more troops. Some soldiers will fire from behind stone walls, but they can be disposed of with a well placed grenade.

After several screens you encounter a captured comrade guarded by an enemy soldier. Shoot the bad guy as quickly as possible, or your comrade will be executed.

Who Dares Wins II

You eventually reach an enemy outpost from which pours hordes of soldiers. Having mown these down you are congratulated on having reached the first outpost and yourscoreis displayed.

The cycle then repeats itselfbut with more troops and obstacles to overcome. The route to the third outpost is treacherous as it is dotted with areas of quicksand. These are the same colour as the background except for a faint shimmering.

You will also have to knock out enemy tanks which fire a constant barrage of shells. Taking out the tanks wouldn't be too bad were it not for the fact that you mus.t negotiate a maze of pools and quicksand at the same time.

Who Dares Wins II has a greater number of features than Commando but the graphics are not as good. I suggest you try them both, bearing in mind that the former is only available on disc.

Steve Brook

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