ZX Computing

Whizz Quiz
By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #14

Whizz Quiz

Computertutor can boast, as part of their family-based team, reviewers and co-designers aged from three to eight! The program is called Whizz Quiz and is one of eight Clever Clogs titles, this one aimed at children of 7+. Basically, this is a computerised version of Ludo with a selection of general knowledge questions appearing at random. An animated character, Clever Clogs, is the gude throughout the game.

The computer throws the dice for each turn; however, don't play just against Clever Clogs - he seems to get very high throws and extra turns much more frequently than I did! The screen gets pretty crowded when four play and the hectic race around the board is obviously part of the appeal for children. Personally, I didn't like the randomness of the questions, but my class of 7-9 year olds loved it. There is an option for parents/teachers to change the questions but this is a time-consuming task! Nicely presented and fun for the home, but likely to be of less value within a classroom.

Mike Edmunds

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