Wec Le Mans
By The Hit Squad
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #70

Wec Le Mans

Remember the coin-op with the car cockpit that physically span around when you crashed? Well this conversion's nothing like it! Well, apart from the basic racing concept: reach successive checkpoints within the time limit, avoiding other cars which cause your car to spin round or even overturn.

Featuring jerky 3D and dull, repetitive action, the game was originally slated, getting a mere 40% in Issue 47. As well as "the lurching track movement". Gordo found the other cars made it too difficult to get round the track as they home-in on you and are very difficult to avoid.

Almost two years on, does all this criticism seem harsh? Nah! Let's face it, this simple driving game is to motor racing what Fatty Phil is to dieting! It looked like a budget game first time around; now it's just plain embarrassing!