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Amstrad Action

By The Edge
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #19


This looked a little familiar at first, and indeed it does have a graphic similarity to the Edge's last game Palitron. That's where the similarity ends, unfortunately, because Palitron was a better game. Not that Warlock doesn't have plenty to offer.

The game takes place in an isometric-3D castle where you are the evil warlock trying to repel the forces of good by finding your orb of power. If you can find that, you can go and do some serious GBH on the Lord of Light who's causing all the good guys to pop up in your castle.

You have to descend to the caves below the castle to find the orb and then return to the top of the castle where the Lord Of Light is. You can be in one of three guises: the warlock with lots of magic power but no might, a goblin with a bit of both, or a troll with a lot of might but no magic. Each is suited for different sections of the castle.


You get between floors using trapdoors and pentagrams and walk through doorways to change screens. On the way there are many objects and obstacles. Objects include food for strength, magical items and keys to unlock doors. The many adversaries include fair maidens, gallant knights and monks, all of whom chase you. There are static hazards as well.

The gameplay is fairly simple stuff, complicated only by the changes of appearance and powers. What is annoying is the control: it can be awkward, particularly in tight spots. An excellent game to look at but not that inspiring to play.

Second Opinion

I always thought fair maidens were present purely for rescuing or whisking away. Not so in Warlock - they kill you. Ah well, I'll just have to look elsewhere. This is a pleasant game in every respect: graphics, sonics and gameplay are top-class. There are some humorous touches you will undoubtedly encounter - suffice to say that in certain circumstances there'll be laughter above you.

Green Screen View

Some rooms lose definition.

First Day Target Score



Graphics 78%
P. Great use of colour to create atmosphere.
P. Detailed, interesting characters.

Sonics 58%
P. Title tune and some rice effects.

Grab Factor 66%
P. Addictive to map and explore.
N. Control is awkward in places.

Staying Power 64%
P. Plenty of castle to get through.
N. Mostly exploring and little adventuring.

Overall 64%
P. Nice changeling feature.
N. Otherwise lacks originality.

Bob Wade

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