Home Computing Weekly

Wallie Goes To Rhymeland

Author: K.I.
Publisher: Interceptor Micros
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

Your task is to guide Wallie through Rhymeland while avoiding contact with various obstacles on the way. You may attack the nasties by spitting chewing gun at them. Not a very original idea; a similar concept was used in Revenge Of The Mutant Camels. However, Wallie seems to be slightly more playable.

The graphics are very clear and quite large. This is a good point for anyone who has an older television which makes small shapes unclear.

The game follows a similar pattern every time you play it. This makes it possible to master section by section. This is quite a relief because it's a tough game. I haven't completed all the levels yet but find it addictive so far.

You need a joystick. This leaves you with an unbashed keyboard for programming.

The cassette claims to be fast-loading. I think that Interceptor is trying to pull a fast one because it seems to take quite a long time. I wasn't very impressed with loading - on occasions the game didn't start, it just reset itself.


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