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Home Computing Weekly

Volcano: The Action Game
By Computer Magic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

The object is to escape from a city threatened by volcanic lava and rocks to an awaiting boat. Reading the accompanying blurb conjured up marvellous pictures of lava streams, rioters, underground passages: "40 screens above ground: over 290 3D screens below...", all this accompanied by a superb picture of a volcano.

The reality was very disappointing. This is, in effect, a very large maze game. Two animated feet are steered through the maze which is progressively blocked by red blobs, sorry... rocks! These can be cleared by the use of dynamite collected from boxes, sorry... shops! Food must also be collected, otherwise, lose a life. You may also come across a slow-moving red smudge. This is the lava stream!

You can also enter the underground passages. The 3D graphics here are rather fine, but after wandering for 15 minutes it all looked the same to me, so I gave up.

A free map, said to be essential is given with the game, but I didn't get one; perhaps this was the problem. In comparison with the claims, and indeed the same concept in otherhands, very disappointing.