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By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #93


The skinheads have kidnapped Madonna, so it's up to you to take the power into your own hands. Why can't he call the Bill like everyone else, hmm? Well, the hero of this arcade game doesn't call the Rozzers, and like most fully trained ninjas sets off down longest street on the Earth to find Madonna.

Along the way he bumps into a few of the skins wot done the kidnap, and they politely ask him if he wouldn't mind turning around and going back, because they're awfully frightened of him. Okay, so they actually attack him with bottles, knives and those funny Bruce Lee things with two sticks and a chain in the middle.

The game proceeds along familiar lines. You scroll down the street to the wacky beat of the house soundtrack, and the skinheads just keep on coming. You can pick up weapons along the way, and use them to splay some of the more persistant villains. But if they grab you, you may find that you lose them so use them quickly. If you get to the end of all the levels, you get Madonna.

I was quite disappointed by the way that it wasn't *the* Madonna, but just some bint who calls herself Madonna. Tsk! And there I was thinking that, at the end, I'd be dating the pouting, beauty-spotted, belly button wobbler herself. Never mind, it's only a game after all.

And having said that, it *is* only a game. If it's your taste for another ninja beat-'em-up which isn't the copy of Renegade I, II or III you played yesterday, then fair goes. You'll love it. Vigilante has all the stuff which made the street ninja arcade machines so popular, and is very slickly produced. *But*... it is just a variation on the same theme.

And next time, heroes, tell your girlfriend not to talk to any strange skinheads. Only nice ones like me. (Grin.)


The Amiga version is brilliant, and well hard. I particularly like the knife-wielding skins, and the way that when they stab you the blood sort of squidges out like tomato sauce.


Monochrome, monotone, mono-something else that rhymes with chrome. Plenty to fight, and big fun. Bits of skinhead all *over* the shop.

Phil South

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