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Vic Cricket
By Sophisticated Games
Commodore 64/Vic 20

Published in Personal Computer Games #7

Vic Cricket

Essentially a game for two or more players, I found Vic Cricket to be a sound tactical game.

The program is in Basic and simulates a real cricket match quite well. You have a varied choice of formats ranging from limited over to full test matches complete with a save-to-tape facility or a 'freeze game' (while you feed the cat) option.

The lack of a graphical display might put some people off but I'm sure you would rather have a game that played well rather than one that sacrificed tactical quality for a bit of movement and sound.

Tactical plays are numerous, ranging from (in the batting sector) slashing at the ball like Ian Botham or ambling along in Chris Tavare fashion. Fielding and bowling are other areas where tactics play a major part: bowling can be fast, medium or stow and fielding can range from defensive to attacking.

Some of the other likeable features were the constant weather reports and updates on the state of the wicket (which is always from the batsman's point ot view). Speed usually isn't something which comes into cricket but in this game pressing 'F5' a few times speeds things up quite considerably (good for confusing Grandad!). To slow things down again press 'F6'.

If you like cricket, don't mind a bit of brain throbbing as you wade through the accompanying 48 page booklet and you have someone to play against, then this is the game for you.

However if your scene is fast-moving graphics with plenty of sound then steer well clear.


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