Home Computing Weekly

Vic-20 Games Pack
By Melbourne House
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #11

This cassette bears the legend "Five great games for the standard Vic 20". While I would go along with the claim that the tape contains five games which all fit a standard Vic, I cannot agree that they are all "great".

The five are standard implementations of well known arcade favourites: Invaders, Ground Attack, Storm, Alien Blitz (Galaxians) and Space Rocks (Asteroids). All instructions for play are contained on the cassette inlay and include a short scenario of each program. In some cases this turned out to be more exciting than the games themselves.

Space Rocks and Alien Blitz stand out as being the most effective games on the cassette. Unlike the other games, they are written in machine code and therefore can almost match the complexity and speed of the originals. The other games were mainly Basic programs which were, to my mind, far too slow to be interesting, and rapidly became boring to play.

The author of these games obviously has a lot of talent when working in machine code, and if all of the games had been written to the same standard as Space Rocks this review would have been quite different. Since they weren't, I cannot honestly recommend this package.


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