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Home Computing Weekly

Vampire Killer
By Scorpio Gamesworld
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

Your task is to collect crucifixes, garlic and silver bullets from rooms in the house, shown two storeys at a time, use the rather unreliable elevator to ascend, and finally, having collected a wooden stake, kill the vampire before your time runs out.

It's not that straightforward however. The doors to the rooms are closed, and when you open them, a ghoul may give you a fright, or there may be a shaft which returns you to the ground floor rather rapidly! Too many frights and you fail; you may then witness Drac flying from the 12th floor window.

In common with the other Scorpio Gamesworld published games, this is very well presented on-screen, with a redefined character set and clever use of colour. It's Basic with machine code graphics routines.

Though the interior of the rooms, the building and shafts are well done, the character you steer about is rather flickery, which tends to spoil it. Similarly, the game is fairly pedestrian and the unpredictable elevators really annoyed me. There are a number of spelling mistakes on the inlay card - and one or two on the screen.

All in all quite good, better than many magazine listings. Don't expect Jet Set Willy though.


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