Big K

Vampire Castle

Publisher: Micrograf
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Big K #4

Vampire Castle

"There are fates worse than death!!!" yells the cassette insert. "Warning: We strongly recommend this game be played with the lights on," admonish the instructions sternly. This allegedly "spine-chilling adventure game for the BBC micro," is in fact a bit of a mess.

It starts off okay, with a "music while you wait" interrupt loader playing organ tunes as the bulk of the program loads, and even the odd bouncing skull; but once you hit the adventure the program's true nature is - gasp! - at last revealed. The language parser is awful, accepting extremely limited two-word commands.

Ygor also puts in an appearance (a "mythsstake"?). I couldn't find any graphics worth mentioning, although some sound effects were pretty neat, I should add.

Worst of all was the "smart" responses to unparsed or mis-spelt input. After the twentieth time, these become a little... how shall I put it... worn?

The program is very long, but I can't help feeling had it contained less rooms and more graphics/sound, it would have been tons better. Perhaps next time, Micrograf.