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Amstrad Action

By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #18


As soon as you start to play this chillingly titled game you'll recognise a familiar type of game - a platform game where you run around collecting things and jumping over other things. The graphics are also reminiscent of something less impressive than we're used to these days.

The game takes place in the castle of old Drac himself, where you have to find five keys, fit them into five locks, open six magical shutters, then nip and collect a hammer, stake and cross before teleporting into deep space for a final battle using laser bolts and jetpack thrusters.

The character you control is... Hang on a minute. Laser bolts and jetpack thrusters? They can't be serious! Oh well, Dracula takes over a space station - I guess anything goes these days.


Back to the plot... You control Brok the Brave, and to search the castle you have the ability to jump at two different heights - gasps of amazement.

The castle rooms are filled with moving dangers that drain your power when touched. This can be replenished by getting various flashing food sources. The game ends when power runs out completely or you run into some hazard that kills you instantly. It's quite a good platform or exploration game with well-defined but small graphics and some knotty problems. It doesn't score much on originality but is very good value.

Second Opinion

The graphics are not from an Amstrad. The gameplay is not from this century (it's dated). But the price doesn't extract blood. Even though not highly original, this space-age find-and-kill-Drac game is absorbing. If you are not careful your monitor will begin to smoke. The game has certain addictive qualities that make it hard to turn away.

Green Screen View


Not much colour in the first place, but enough to see clearly in green.


Graphics 57%
P. Some well-designed, good-looking screens.

Sonics 30%
N. Just a few sound-effects.


Grab Factor 62%
P. Addictive platform action.
N. Unoriginal platform game.

Staying Power 65%
P. 95 screens to explore.
N. Some difficult sections to master.

Overall 68%
P. Lovely budget price.


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