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Home Computing Weekly

Up 'N Down
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #109

All you mad motorists will love this game. The object is to drive your car as far up a hill as you can get. The difficulty is that the roads are chaos but to help you with this small problem you have a rather special car.

There is a network of diagonally crossing single-track roads along which cars and lorries may go in any direction. Working your way up the roads may cause problems if you meet anything coming the opposite way. To tackle this you may jump over or on top of the oncoming vehicles. Beware though: if your jump too near to a corner you could over-run the road and crash.

Gelling up the steep inclines is quite hard due to the fact that you struggle to get your car up hills and so slow down or sometimes even stop and start rolling backwards. The other factor which makes it difficult is that you can't jump over anything when on a hill.

The background graphics scroll up and down depending on the direction in which you are moving. A nice 3-D effect is given - the display seems to have some depth and reality to it. Good use is made of the colours and sprite graphics.

Our pre-production copy had no instructions - I sat and worked out the rules by trial and error. Despite this it does seem to have a good potential and is definitely hard enough to keep you going for a while.